The DX Working From Home Survival Guide

Our ‘House Rules’ for Remote Workers

Remote working has always been core to the DX ‘DNA’, but working effectively from home requires more than a solid supply of snacks and fluffy slippers. 

Working from home doesn’t always come naturally to businesses, especially if they are working in more traditional industries. Just because your business isn’t in tech doesn’t mean you cannot set yourself up for success in a “working from home” environment.

For all our colleagues, contacts and kindred spirits out there in the ether, DX Solutions has assembled our top tips to remain productive and connected as we strap in, hold tight and navigate the ‘new normal’ for the duration of the COVID-19 confinement. 

1 Start the Day Right 
Just because you can work all day in your PJs doesn’t mean you should. As basic as it sounds, don’t skimp on your grooming and dressing each morning because now is as important as ever to present yourself professionally during client and team video calls—it really does contribute to maintaining your professional reputation, improving your self-esteem for mental health, and reassuring your peers and clients that you are switched on and ready to slay the day. 

2 Establish a Routine
Structure and routine is key. Pour yourself a coffee and log on—on time—with a plan for the day ahead. Pro-tip: supercharge your morning by using the time you saved skipping your morning commute to do something active and healthy like a YouTube workout.

3 Designate a Space
Creating an orderly, dedicated workspace will help you feel calm, collected and in control. Sitting down to your workspace will help you get into ‘the zone’ each morning, and help you mentally switch off when necessary to maintain your work-life balance.

4 Stay Connected
Communication is everything, and digital-based collaboration platforms are your friend! Stay connected with your peers, keep track of big picture goals, share your challenges, milestones and progress, and join in the virtual banter to keep the team culture alive. Just remember to play nice and respect one another at all times – we’re all in this together!

5 Get the Game Plan
A morning meeting or daily stand up with your team is essential to set the day in motion. Going through each team member’s achievements from the previous day, planning for the day ahead and voicing anything blocking you from progressing your tasks will keep you prioritised, productive and on the right path. 

6 Be Accessible, Responsive and Reliable
It’s time for your integrity to shine. Grow trust and respect with your clients, superiors and peers alike by being an open book: predictable, reliable, following through on commitments and staying true to your word. Overcommunicate with your team on updates and progress. Update your online statuses, email auto-responses, voicemail greetings and staff calendar on a regular basis with your schedule, availability and updated contact information. Monitor all team communications platforms and voicemail frequently to make sure you never miss a beat. 

7 Track Those Tasks
Leveraging collaborative task management tools will help you and your team align your tasks to project, management and company goals, ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals. Some apps even track the work you’re doing by taking spontaneous screenshots, keeping you accountable and more productive throughout the day.

8 Tame Your Technology
Establish clear boundaries for yourself by differentiating between your work life from your home life by ‘clocking off’ when appropriate. Both iPhones and Androids have Do-Not-Disturb functions, as do team communication apps.

9 Take Meaningful Breaks
Don’t forget to pause and recharge throughout the day, and that means taking a lunch break away from your desk and doing something different to break up the day. Call your mum, she misses you!

10 Keep Moving
With your daily commute reduced to a circuit of kitchen-couch-desk-repeat, it is critical for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to stay as active as you can when working from home. At the time of publishing, Australians are still permitted one socially-distanced walk or jog per day. Take it while you can! Otherwise, tap into all the awesome free YouTube home workout content, and maybe even discover a new hobby.

11 Be Alone, Together
Isolating doesn’t mean cutting yourself off. In addition to digital platforms that will help you stay in the loop and up to date with the office banter, have regular video meet-ups to take your team briefings together over a coffee, grab your work bestie for a videocall lunchbreak, or even get together for a Friday end of day ‘virtual meetup’ to close off the working week. 

12 Speak Up 
We want our people to thrive, not just survive during this time. If you’re facing a challenge or are without something you need to do your job well, please reach out and ask. 

13 Give Yourself a ‘High Five’ Every Now and Again
At a time like this it is totally natural to feel anxious, uncertain and unsettled, or just a little out of sync as you adapt to ‘the new normal’. We know you’re doing your best you can to be flexible, responsive, and to continue delivering outstanding solutions day in day out. Just keep applying yourself and try to stay focussed, but don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes time to get into the groove. We’re all in this together, and we believe in you! 

14 Working From Home, With Kids
For parents working from home with young kids we send no advice, only prayers. Try to tag-team care, supervision and home-schooling responsibilities with a partner if practical, do your best to plan creative activities or just hold on for dear life and accept that there is going to be a lot of extra screen time. 

You’ve got this! 

Play nice, take care and look after one another,
Jason Peters, Founder & CEO

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