Testing Times: Overcoming Quality Engineering & Assurance Hurdles – From Home

Issues accessing the right physical devices? Different browser versions? Take the pain away from performing QA & QE from home!

DX Solutions can help you overcome just about any Quality Engineering & Assurance challenge – even at home. DX has partnered with BrowserStack, who is the only Testing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with a data centre in Australia, Sydney. DX are the only APAC partner in the region!

Accessing the right devices

If you have a collection of physical mobile devices you usually use to test but can’t access them from home, then look no further. BrowserStack provides many physical devices with different carrier firmware configurations for Mobile testing through their SaaS offering. All you need to do is pass mobile configurations and the rest is handled within BrowserStack itself. Feedback is generated in the form of a video of the automation running and logs that can be integrated and pushed out to different tools (including Jira). You can even trigger test execution using your own test automation pattern, or use one provided by BrowserStack (so you don’t need an expensive engineer to create one and figuring out how to do it themselves!) 

Testing web applications

For web applications, BrowserStack cater for almost every browser configuration and version under the sun. So forget about setting up a farm of Virtual Machines (VM’s) for cross-browser testing! Just utilise BrowserStack like you normally would, by submitting the desired configuration through a test automation pattern provided by you or BrowserStack. This allows for scaled testing that has the potential to be tied to a Continuous Delivery solution, creating fewer headaches in the form of patch management and upgrades of test infrastructure – it’s all managed!

At the same time, if you don’t want to create code for a small change, you can use BrowserStack by navigating to their website. 

Testing at scale

If scale is what you want, they are infinitely scaling – as it’s a cloud solution. The only catch is the cost per parallel run. For those requiring feedback fast, you can purchase a subscription that allows for as many parallel runs as you have tests, meaning the test automation execution would take as long as your slowest test! In this day and age, when you have more automation than manual execution, this could potentially save time, costs and cycle duration by many factors.

If this all sounds great, why not have a chat with someone at DX and let us further alleviate the pain by providing a discount (DX are partners with BrowserStack after all!)

In any case, you can trial it for free yourself by signing up BrowserStack HERE 

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