Supporting your business’ needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

An operational update from DX Solutions
26th March 2020

What a time we find ourselves in?

Our thoughts are with all of our staff, clients, colleagues, partners, family and friends. During this uncertain and unsettling time we must remain focused, resilient and agile, to support one another as best we can.

Thanks to remote working being long ingrained in the DX operational ‘DNA’, we want to reassure our clients and teams alike that DX Solutions remains open, available and operating at full capacity during this time. We’re here for you!

Transitioning Your Team to Work From Home?
For clients seeking Technology solutions to transition their teams to remote working conditions, our Business Continuity Specialists are ready for virtual deployment with solutions to support your business to maintain effective operations.

Creating Efficiencies and Planning for the Future:
Thinking ahead, now is a better time than ever to reassess business operations, plan strategically for the future and create efficiencies wherever possible. As such DX Solutions remains at your service to deliver capability at speed, across our 4 solution areas:

Ensure quality throughout the dev cycle with Quality Engineering (QE), the future of Quality Assurance (QA). 

Increase speed, quality and adapt more quickly to changing market conditions with DevOps, Cloud & Microservices.

Boost your competitive advantage by eliminating the repetitive, costly inefficiencies that hamper productivity, through intelligent automation.

Secure your digital infrastructure and support major business challenges with optimised network solutions.

If now is the time to strengthen network foundations, increase operational efficiencies or launch a new software initiative at speed, don’t hesitate to reach out.

For our IT Community:
For members of our professional community who have been substantially impacted by job loss or facing uncertainty of their immediate future due to COVID-19, DX is here to talk to you and receive expressions of interest from those with experience in our delivery areas. Get in touch for a chat, subscribe for job alerts via our Careers page and keep following DX’s Linkedin page for updates.

Take care and look after one another,
Jason Peters, Founder & CEO

DX Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company providing businesses with strategic solutions to optimise, transform and progress their operations. With around 200 employees we are proud to partner with software, project and network engineering teams to deliver quality assurance, test automation, CI/CD, agile project management, business process analysis and automation (RPA), network engineering and cloud infrastructure services for Australia’s major digital transformations.