DX Academy Ambassador

Syed is an effective IT Consultant at DX Solutions. Whilst in this role, he has been appointed as one of two DX Academy Ambassadors, a volunteer junior leadership role.

As DX’s Academy Ambassador, Syed is required to share his experiences and provide leadership to fellow graduates, while representing the DX Academy. He assists in enhancing the graduate experience in progression towards full-time professional life.

Syed is an enthusiastic software programmer with thorough knowledge in multiple programming languages, database design and management skills, also with hands-on experience in implementation of computer networks. He has excellent communication skills and currently excelling his technical knowledge.

He has acquired a Bachelor of Information Technology, Software Technology degree from Macquarie University (2018).

Syed is a dedicated graduate himself with a passion for the program, supporting peers and introducing measures to enhance graduate life at DX. He assists with the facilitation of greater community connections across the graduate space.

Actively developing and delivering mentorship, wellness, and enrichment opportunities for graduates, Syed is responsible for bringing graduates together across multiple programs, enhancing learning and adding to the overall graduate experience.