Marcus Lau DX Solutions Lead Consultant


Principal Consultant

Marcus is a Lead Consultant at DX Solutions. He is a highly innovative and solutions focused Lead Consultant with exceptional technical ability.   

A Techie at heart, Marcus is a forward thinker with a specialist knack for solving complex problems. He started his journey developing web applications for non-profit organisations before transitioning into the cloud and DevOps.   

Marcus is responsible for developing the DevOps capability at DX Solutions. He provides technical leadership, guidance, training and mentorship to the team, while overseeing the delivery of innovative automation solutions. He is continually recognised for his outstanding technical achievements by clients.   

Having worked across a variety of different industries, including Government, Health, and Finance, Marcus uses his extensive technical knowledge and capability to successfully lead teams and implement DevOps solutions.    

Marcus has automated just about everything, from enterprise cloud environments to ordering pizza. Who likes doing the same thing over and over again? To Marcus that’s the definition of insanity.   

With a proven record in technical excellence, Marcus has presented at major industry events such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit.    

Marcus has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Sydney, and current licenses and certifications from Amazon Web Services ie DevOps Engineer - Professional; and Developer - Associate.