Test Automation Specialist
Keerthana is a highly experienced and successful Test Automation Specialist. Having regard to her ongoing career development, she has worked in many major organisations and on different automation tools and technologies with different organisational structures. 

She is a quality-focused IT professional with over 10 years of technical experience and a proven track record of heading medium to large-scale testing efforts, designing and implementing automation solutions. Keerthana always strives to be a QA evangelist backed by new technologies, QA processes, concepts and tools.

Keerthana has the innate ability to create test automation solutions, services and processes to improve the bottom line by minimising inefficiencies and thereby increasing the testing productivity and the value added. She is passionate to assist the QA community by sharing her knowledge and experience gained in multiple roles in the IT industry - Software Development, Systems Engineering and Quality Engineering. 

She is an innovative person with a positive mindset believing that any technical problem can be solved with the technology using manifold pathways. The challenge for Keerthana is to find the simple workaround, which fits the purpose. 

Her goal is to automate anything that is repeated in testing and overcome people sitting with computers for hours, and make the tester’s life easier.