Agile Specialist

Joe is a highly experienced Agile Specialist who has previously worked with Qantas for DX Solutions. His focus is on planning, stakeholder engagement and service delivery.

He has an impressive record as a proven Agile Specialist responsible for significant team deliverables in major organisations:

Qantas Delivery Manager

As Delivery Manager in the Digital Tech Domain, Joe has overall responsibility for ensuring the delivery of promised value to customers in an efficient timeframe. He is also responsible for fostering continuous improvement of delivery efforts, ensuring teams stay focused. In this role he wears many hats – Product Owner, Business Analyst, whatever is required to deliver.

Joe drives continuous delivery improvement through:

  1. Visualising work;
  2. Measuring with applicable metrics such as Cycle Time, Lead Time, Work in Progress.

Joe believes 'Agile' is not processes or methods, it’s common sense.  He has a passion for reducing waste in delivery, and the delivery of the right thing over delivering things, faster.

UST @ Macquarie Bank - Scrum Master 2 Teams

Macquarie is very delivery focused. There was substantial reassurance required that the 'Agile' implementation undertaken was not disconnected from delivery realities.  UST Global headhunted Joe for their Macquarie engagement due to his pragmatic approach toward Agile. His key responsibility was ensuring the recommendations from the Agile Coach were translated into practical, pragmatic actions inside his teams.

Trip Advisor - Scrum Master 5 teams

Joe was responsible for performing Scrum Master duties for 2 teams initially, at the Tripadvisor Sydney's offices.  The chosen framework was Scrum, however, Product Owners being in Boston / San Fransisco meant difficulties in implementation.  The Scrum framework did not address a lot of waste, and counteracting this waste required adding more process overhead, exacerbating time taken to deliver. Joe championed the first Kanban team in the organisation, after several retrospectives with the team and Product Owner.  This resulted in Joe delivering Kanban training to the wider Sydney office, resulting in the Trip Advisor CEO championing Kanban over Scrum.

Commonwealth Bank - Scrum Master

Joe was responsible for the Agile implementation for one of the Mobile App delivery teams.  In this engagement, considerable priority was placed on accurate budgeting and estimation. His responsibility was to implement practical actions from the Agile Coaches, and assisting in Agile coaching responsibilities. Joe’s experience here shaped his pragmatic approach to Practical Agile, and his pragmatic and no-nonsense decision making at Trip Advisor.