DX Solutions Jason Neatherway


Head of Solutions - Networks

Jason is Head of Solutions – Networks at DX Solutions. He is a high achieving leader in the networking field, and has been guiding some of the  region’s  largest companies through transformation and evolution  of networking  for the last 10 years.

He brings  in-depth knowledge and practical  experience  in  the  areas of Software Defined Networking  (SDN),  Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)  and network automation. Jason sees these  as key capabilities  for  organisations  to  realise  the  full value of service automation and DevOps.  “Without such capabilities many organisations  are left with a gap in their value-chain where  applications and  compute resources  are deployed in an agile way, but  the network remains a bottleneck.”

As well  as these emerging technologies, Jason has a  long-standing  expertise  in  traditional networking  formed over his 20-year career in telecommunications and networks.

Jason is an advocate for  open source  solutions  and has insight in how it  can be applied  for networking solutions as well as the  management  and observability of network  operations.  His work with open source includes working with  Openstack and supporting that community with  code contribution.

He is experienced in  leading  senior  Architecture  teams  in roadmap planning as well as  advising senior management in  technology evolution and return on investment (ROI).  Conversely, Jason is extremely happy to  have kept a skill level that allows him to “get his hands  dirty” and assist technical  teams with technology adoption and skills transition.

In this area, Jason has  led  large teams of architects and engineers  to execute long term projects for Data Centre migration,  migration of physical network function to virtual  and cloud enablement.

Jason  is excited to share his expertise with customers and provide innovative solutions  in areas such as: 

  • Virtualised Network Function (VNF) onboarding and validation 
  • VNF lifecycle management  with  automated provisioning, verification,  activation  and scaling 
  • Adaptive and custom SDN solutions  
  • Network service abstraction and orchestration 
  • Network system observability and closed loop assurance