Service Delivery Lead (Process and Business Analysis)
Daniel is the Service Delivery Lead (Process and Business Analysis) at DX Solutions and a proven high achiever. He was awarded the prestigious DX Employee of the Year Award in 2017.

With years of experience running his own businesses, Daniel had delivered everything from tailored software packages to graphic design solutions; retail IT infrastructure to customer experience campaigns; physical security services – and even at one point working to identify vulnerabilities in a national voting system.

In 2016, Daniel came to work at DX Solutions. While confident with the aforementioned hard skills, he saw a unique opportunity to throw himself in the deep end and use these skills to bring a strong SME edge to the capabilities traditionally practiced by business analysts. Together with DX, he worked closely alongside clients such as Noggin, Singtel Optus and Macquarie Telecom Group to manage and validate organisations’ needs.

As an early contributor to the development of our proprietary Vantage methodology, Daniel has expanded on our solution delivery principles to bring a whole new level of traceability to clients by applying his experience from various industries, roles and situations.

He is passionate about cutting through boring meetings and documentation and looking for unique ways to bring clarity to the subject areas at hand. He enjoys learning new concepts but even more than that, he loves to teach. 

Daniel is highly skilled in bringing technical concepts down to the appropriate level so that no matter the audience, ideas can be understood and built from.