Quality Engineering (QE) is the future of Quality Assurance (QA).

Whereas QA has traditionally been an afterthought—tacked onto the end of the software development process, too late to make a significant impact and further slowing down the release of software, QE is a continuous, agile function that is focused on engineering & process practices to build in quality, throughout the development lifecycle from inception to production.

QE has come about in response to the need for increased speed. As the software world moves to release software updates within minutes rather than months, the traditional world of QA has struggled to compress testing timelines and increase test coverage while continuing to ensure the delivery of high-quality software.

QE’s objectives relate to availability, security, safety, reliability and performance, and it is foundational to achieving software development’s ultimate goal—the release of applications that work seamlessly, are fast, intuitive, bug-free and enjoyable to use.

DX Solutions can assist you on your QE journey in three key areas:


Having the right set of people who are committed to quality in everything they do — rather than addressing it as an afterthought, is key. This is essentially down to building and fostering the right culture. Your teams must consider quality to be just as important and inseparable from the basic act of writing code.


DX can provide advice on solutions that offer a good balance between coverage and comprehensiveness vs. flexibility and adaptability. This enables a team to make the most of them in various use cases—whether it’s in the test harness or quality system. Automated testing tools help to ensure that software is working correctly on as many browsers and device options as possible. These tools enable teams to execute pre-scripted tests on a web or mobile app, rather than handle such testing as a manual process. The result saves considerable time, plus makes test data accessible in detailed reports to help quickly identify issues.


DX can assist in applying a process framework and improvements across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Value stream mapping exercises can help identify bottlenecking processes so that new and better processes can be identified through understanding the problem in detail and having the expertise to know how and where it best fits in existing or proposed methodologies. Just as you would with software development, quality can be broken down into a blueprint. By considering quality from a modular perspective—many parts that create the whole—allows for testing all potential break points to ensure the entire process works. Testing a quality process enables teams to see what’s working—or not, to ensure quality remains high throughout the dev cycle.




Increase speed, quality and adapt more quickly to changing market
conditions with DevOps, Cloud & Microservices.

DevOps can be thought of as an extension to Agile. It is a response to the demand for speed, a new way of working that unites development, testing and operations teams.

It brings together practices such as agile planning, continuous integration delivery, test automation, infrastructure automation and application monitoring. DevOps means shorter development sprints, a deeply integrated approach to testing and increased automation.

What will you gain by adopting DevOps? Faster development and time-to-value, faster customer feedback loops, the complexity and time associated with deploying software into production is eliminated, smaller batches of work reduce risk and increase quality, and a dramatic reduction in your ‘cost of quality’.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) are features of the DevOps approach to software development. See this blog post to understand why you need CI/CD.

DX help internal development teams move faster, ship better quality code and deliver greater business value by helping to uplift your people, tool chain and processes. 

DX can play a central role in your DevOps transformation strategy. We can assist with automating your practices, cloud strategy, cyber security, operational optimisations and provide expert consulting on Azure, AWS and GCP. And if you’re looking for a partner to take on-call operations responsibilities, we can be the eyes and ears for your mission critical applications, monitoring and proactively responding to any incidents 24x7x365 for all of your cloud workloads.

  • Maturity assessments
  • DevOps consulting
  • Cloud migration
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration
  • Shifting automated testing to the left, testing faster, smarter and more effectively with greater code coverage
  • DevOps tool chain uplift
  • On-going optimisation of operations
  • Implementation of on premise, cloud, or container (Docker/Kubernetes) based development environments
  • Software and infrastructure architecture advice


No matter where you are on your CI/CD and DevOps journey, DX Solutions can help. Contact us for a chat about all things DevOps, Cloud, Microservices and CI/CD.




As every organisation working to digitally transform knows, process matters. Most have hundreds of repetitive, costly and inefficient
processes that hamper your productivity and frustrate your competitive advantage.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new technology that has the potential to transform your business. RPA represents the next leap in competitive advantage and its impact on the future of work is immense.

Software ‘bots’ perform complex digital processes in the same way that a human user can, using the same user interfaces and automating tasks across a wide range of business activities – with or without human intervention.

They can read and extract data from documents, create files and folders, copy and paste, fill in forms, manipulate data in Excel and much more. The bots work 24×7 and can rapidly complete a wide variety of mundane tasks that are present in most business processes and activities.

Augmenting your people with bots to handle routine processes can eliminate keying errors, lower costs, minimise re-work and improve the speed at which tasks are completed, resulting in improved customer experiences and enabling your team to focus on more important activities.

DX offer a range of RPA services to help you assess, implement and manage RPA in your organisation. Contact us for a chat about how RPA can add value to your organisation today.

What we offer:

Process Consulting & Roadmap
We’ll work with you to scope requirements and develop a strategy / roadmap that considers business process & RPA tool selection, success metrics and return on investment.

Implementation Services
We’ll design, build, test & deploy your digital workforce quickly, safely and securely, helping to educate your team and providing change management support throughout the process.

RPA Staff Augmentation
Automation Developers, Architects, and Process Analysts with skills in leading RPA solutions are in high demand. Augment your team with the right expertise for as long as you need.

Managed Services
DX monitor, manage and continually optimise the performance of your new digital workforce. We can also manage your RPA cloud infrastructure.

RPA ‘Centre of Excellence’
DX can work with your Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Technical Leads to help implement an RPA CoE within your organisation to support continued bot expansion and management.




Supporting major business challenges with technology solutions.

DX Solutions provides networking, security and automation solutions for enterprises, public sector organisations, service providers and network operators. We partner with leading vendors to design, implement and manage technology solutions which support today’s most pressing business challenges. We’re the only true Australian telco end-to-end digital transformation provider; whether it be from CRM or order management applications through to network verification and radio network services, to executive dashboards built from data warehouse or business intelligence, DX delivers a global capability standard via a dedicated local team.

We know how to build fast, reliable, scalable and flexible networks. Whether you want to optimise your existing network, rebuild it or design a new software-defined network from scratch, we can deliver a solution to solve your specific challenges.

DX’s team of skilled professionals brings together solutions from leading technology vendors to deliver agile and secure infrastructures for service providers, network operators and enterprises of all sizes. These services include Consultancy, Integration, Managed and Project Management Services.

The DX edge:

Why choose DX?
We can provide professional services, support and maintenance or 24×7 managed services to suit your requirements.

Superior Project Execution
Right first time philosophy.

Direct Expert Access
Skilled multi-certified engineers who are context-aware.

Lean and Agile
Achieving quality, speed and customer alignment.

Vendor Agnostic
Designing and delivering solutions to suit your specific needs.

Holistic Approach to Security
From endpoint to network edge.

Proven Experience
Delivering services and solutions to Australia’s largest organisations.