What is Quality Engineering?

Quality Engineering enables ‘quality at speed’ and ultimately improves the end user experience. A Quality Engineering approach focusses on both process and technologies throughout the software development lifecycle. This enables the release of applications that work seamlessly, are fast, intuitive, bug free and enjoyable to use. 

How will Quality Engineering transform your business?

Don’t just deliver fast, create a better product as well! Quality Assurance has traditionally been an after thought. It’s been tacked onto the end of the software development process which has been too late to make a significant impact and further slowing down the release of software. Whereas, Quality Engineering is a continuous, agile function, that is focused on engineering and process practices to build in quality throughout the development lifecycle from inception to production.

The DX Approach to Quality Engineering

The DX Quality Engineering approach is holistic to ensure improved outcomes for your organisation.

DX technical leaders provide a depth of experience and knowledge to implement a framework and improvements across the Software Development Lifecycle and the Application Lifecycle Management for your organisation. By understanding the problem in detail, the DX team can will strike a balance between coverage and comprehensiveness vs. flexibility and adaptability.

The DX Team are at the heart of our approach. We build and foster a culture of continual learning and quality focus and support your team in developing this quality led engineering approach as integral to the basic act of writing code. 

How DX Can help your business

Our highly experienced Quality Engineering team offer:

  • Current / Future Technology Stack​ assessment, journey mapping and advice
  • Enterprise, Project or Operational Testing Strategies including Test Data Management
  • DevOps / Continuous Delivery Roadmap
  • Assess current pain points from a Software Development Life Cycle perspective
  • Root cause analysis on incidents from defect leakage
  • Current / Future Tool chain from a testing perspective & tool management
  • Current Resourcing model 
  • Current engineering standards and governance
  • Continuous Improvement strategies with regards to Test
  • Sample test matrices, test cases and test automation patterns (including Performance & Security) 

Ask a Specialist

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