Toyota Financial Services QA Capability Uplift

Case Study

Toyota Financial Services

QA Capability Uplift


An unstructured testing capability saw testing resources split across portfolios. Compounding this issue was a lack of enterprise standards and governance, no Centre of Excellence, unclear processes and testing outcomes, a lack of automation and technical testing services and a lack of Performance Testing capabilities.


DX Solutions worked directly with Toyota Finance Australia (TFA) stakeholders to define and structure an Enterprise QA capability. We then leveraged DX expertise to implement and design enterprise wide solutions for performance and automation capabilities. Our team worked with the newly appointed Enterprise QA Manager to implement and deliver against the vision of a complete test practice. DX offered toolsets as-a-service to TFA to reduce OPEX investment and to allow for faster implementation.


TFA experienced a measured uplift in the internationally recognised Test Maturity Model (TMMi) from Grade 1.5 to 3 in 12 months across the enterprise;

Implemented a test automation solution and regression sets for applications across all portfolios;

Implemented a full performance monitoring capability with the implementation of Dynatrace and Loadrunner which identified key performance issues prior to go-live.