People-Focused Digital Transformation

People-Focused Digital Transformation

March 5, 2020

As Head of Talent for DX Solutions, Jacinth Vu is an advocate for achieving successful digital change by taking people on the transformational journey. To avoid joining staggering statistics around organisational project failure rates—70% according to Implementation Management Associates (2018)—Jacinth shares her key strategies to put your transformation project on the path to success.

As we look to the future of emerging technology and start to see growing focus on artificial intelligence, automation and data science, it’s crucial to look at the core impact to humans and human resource measures as part of any transformation, and embed robust change management strategies that considers the full impact of change.

It is human nature to crave the comfortable and familiar. Our professional lives are no different. It comes as no surprise therefore, that transformation even within the most innovative organisations can be met with resistance and negativity. “It’s so important that within the operational structures and business functions, we bring everyone that is part of that transformation on board with a strategic roadmap that aligns the business, the technology and the people into one common goal and direction.” said Jacinth.

As we work with organisations to implement emerging technologies, we are noticing trends towards artificial intelligence, data analytics and data science becoming more and more common.

“What’s important for us as digital change agents, is moving corporations and companies in line with the bigger picture strategic direction, fusing concepts of business strategy, technology and people together into one binding journey that meets client objectives, but also considers the reality of the future we are entering.”

Typical traps and challenges for companies as they embark upon transformational journeys, is often moving too rapidly to adapt to technological innovation without slowing down to notice the operational gaps forming. “Businesses need to be mindful of slowing down, closing the gaps and creating robust strategies and foundations, ensuring that everything is moving in the same direction.” That’s why all DX Solutions’ transformation pathways begin with business analysis and advisory programs that asses the impact of change across the entire organisation.

Here are some of our step-by-step strategies for anyone about to embark on digital transformation:


1 Address all aspects of change in your project plan

Across operations you would want to ensure the change strategy is implemented and managed not just across your technology, but right from your sales strategy, through to the sales support strategy, your product and deliverables, to your human resource practices and finding the right talent, through to the management and delivery of existing services.


2 Pre-empt the human impact, then lead and plan accordingly

With organisations becoming increasingly digitised and technology focused, strategy is constantly changing and innovating. Change is now a firmly embedded constant of any business reality, but that doesn’t change the natural tendancy of employee resistance. “Business leaders need to adapt themselves to embrace an agile, innovative mindset, rally people into a cohesive strategic direction and provide the right resources and training to ensure people feel supported during transition.”


3 Identify the Resource Gaps

As part of the transformation journey, it is important to crystallise any areas throughout operating models where potential gaps or friction could emerge. “As we listen to our client’s needs and help them move towards the direction of their goals into the future, it is important we recognise that people are very much at the core of the success of any major transformation initiative. From having the right quality of talent, the right experience, the right demeanours to support that transition and change, then resourcing and developing people appropriately to succeed.”


4 Get the Right Help

DX Solutions are so much more than technology partners. We walk alongside our clients in the direction of their transformational journeys, and continue to manage the transition long after technological change is embedded.

With a focus on fundamental human resource strategies and principles, as well as change management to support the advisory piece across any solutions and managed services that we offer, DX supports that journey right from the solution advisory piece to full implementation.

To hear more about change and transformation, reach out to DX Solutions for help. We don’t just provide proven technology solutions, DX encourage a strategic and solution-based mindset across all our people to help you achieve your business objectives as your business embarks upon it’s transformation journey.


DX Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company providing businesses with strategic solutions to optimise, transform and progress their operations. With around 200 employees we are proud to partner with software, project and network engineering teams to deliver quality assurance, test automation, CI/CD, agile project management, business process analysis and automation (RPA), network engineering and cloud infrastructure services for Australia’s major digital transformations.