Our Home Ground Advantage

Our Home Ground Advantage

May 28, 2020

In Tech, the tyranny of distance, cultural differences, time zones, language barriers, collaboration difficulties and lack of shared experiences have always contributed to less-than-stellar results. More recently, COVID has augmented the risks and highlighted the shortcomings of heavily off-shored supply chains across all sectors, with many of our largest ‘household name’ companies struggling on multiple fronts these past few months.


A Tenuous System Dismantled in a Heartbeat

Lockdown regulations and lack of widespread internet in some of the major off-shoring hubs has significantly impacted Australian-operating businesses that heavily outsource jobs overseas.

Furthermore, closed international borders have thrown many multinationals who have large presences in India, China and South East Asia into disarray. These companies often cycle employees from low-cost regions to countries such as Australia on a short-term basis rather than investing in higher-cost Australian-based labour. Now that the borders have shut down, there are countless in-flight projects coming off the rails across Australia and the world.

Compounding these problems are the growing risks associated with protectionist national trade policies. We’re living in interesting times!

It’s Australian consumers who have ultimately borne the brunt of offshoring gone wild; helpdesk and customer service departments have been heavily disrupted, and a large number of projects significantly delayed due to the offshoring of software development, quality assurance, project management and other tech-based capabilities.

The question is, will the current crisis lead to more companies reshoring critical services and increasing their use of Industry 4.0 technologies—such as Robotic Process Automation—in an effort to mitigate future risks to their supply chains, and thus their ability to operate effectively?

In our opinion, automation and reshoring will help to make companies operating in Australia more flexible and responsive to changing demand, mitigating their risks in the event of a second pandemic (which may happen) or other significant global-level shocks.

These are just a few of the reasons why as many of our competitors have progressively increased their offshore labour operations, DX Solutions has elected to do the opposite, proudly investing in acquiring and developing local talent, right here on home soil.


Where It All Began

The DX story began in 2001 on a dining table in a family home in Maroubra, NSW with the goal of building powerful and memorable ‘Digital Xperiences’. After landing Optus as an early client DX evolved to meet the growing need for testing and integration within the Australian Telco industry, working with national and international brands including Vodafone, Nokia and Ericsson. Almost 20 years later we are still exclusively Australian-based, and comprising of a local yet proudly diverse team with representation from almost every culture and religion on earth; a true reflection of the Australia we are proud to serve.


Developing Local Talent

There’s never been a more important time to invest in and develop local talent. At a grassroots level, we launched the DX Graduate Program back in 2015 because we have long believed that developing the next generation of Australian computer science leaders is foundational to our ability to deliver the outcomes our clients expect.

At a senior level, the disciplines of Quality Engineering, DevOpsNetworks and RPA  are notoriously difficult to implement well. Beyond the technological aspects, there are significant people, process, change management and cultural elements that are best addressed through a tight working relationship and face-to-face collaboration.

Our experience is that the integration (and often co-location) of DX team members with our customers is the secret to our ability to deliver excellent customer outcomes.


Keeping Your Data Here on Home Soil

Furthermore, working with on-shore partners like DX gives you the confidence that your data jurisdiction, privacy, security and compliance obligations will always be met, ensuring your data:

  • will not leave Australian soil
  • is always handled securely (in accordance with ISO27001)
  • will only be handled by police-checked and security-cleared Australian residents (where required)


We extend this philosophy to our partners and vendors wherever possible. This includes our recently announced partnership with BrowserStack who maintain a data centre right here in Sydney and clear all data from physical devices and Virtual Machines for the added assurance that leveraging DX’s cloud-based app and browser testing partnership with BrowserStack, will keep your data here where it belongs for the duration of your project, and completely erased once complete.

DX Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company providing businesses with strategic solutions to optimise, transform and progress their operations. With around 200 employees we are proud to partner with software, project and network engineering teams to deliver quality assurance, test automation, CI/CD, agile project management, business process analysis and automation (RPA), network engineering and cloud infrastructure services for Australia’s major digital transformations.