Westpac One Click

Case study


One Click


The Online Transformation Program delivers a vast array of digital services to the bank. The key objectives of the project were to reduce the lead-times and improve efficiency within third party institutions.

In addition, the project targeted improved conversion rates within the loan origination channels through simplification of the go to market strategies for individuals, companies and trusts through the online applications for web, mobile and tablet.

DX was engaged to assist in the restructuring of program milestones to achieve steering committee objectives by eliminating potential delays to critical paths.

Consult with key stakeholders in product marketing, sales, operations and technology service lines to assess the residual risk of the project.

Establish baseline observations and recommendations to reduce the overall burden on project teams improve bankable benefits.

Structure an approach to support business, technology and third party off-shore development teams while providing independent assessment and removal of critical path inhibitors.


DX conducted ‘Pareto’ and ‘failure mode’ analysis to assess and prioritise corrective actions amongst stakeholders, and deployed the following corrective measures:

Specialist SMEs – resources assigned to drive outcomes in test management, issue resolution, digital test delivery, to achieve higher levels of productivity and improved problem resolution.

Structure & Control – Establish war rooms with prioritised outcomes, resulting in a more agile approach to test re- planning, and issue resolution across test execution streams.

Templates – established controls and governance in reporting, issue resolution, release planning and execution forecasting to foster greater collaboration within teams.

Communications Planning – greater clarity among stakeholders on ways to prioritise residual risk and test execution in less than 72 hours.


Westpac achieved greater clarity in priority and impact of decisions that directly resulted in reducing cost leakage.

Westpac’s project teams benefited from more effective collaboration, higher value communications and interactions within teams.

DX’s knowledge management programs across banking and digital domains empowered high-value bank resources to focus on their immediate business needs, driving costs out of the project.

DX guided the teams to a successful on time delivery, preserved business benefits, and improved conversion rates within loan origination.