Newly Appointed DX Academy Ambassadors


November 20, 2019

Michelle Phan and Syed Kumail Anis have been appointed DX Academy Ambassadors, a volunteer Junior Leadership role.

As DX Academy Ambassadors, they are required to share experiences and provide leadership to fellow graduates, while representing the DX Academy. They assist in enhancing the graduate experience in progression towards full-time professional life.

Michelle is a skilled IT Consultant, an emerging IT talent rising up the ranks of the DX Academy graduate program. She has a Computer Science degree from the University of NSW.

During Michelle’s time at DX so far, she has worked on several projects across DX clients that have involved manual and automation testing. This has enabled Michelle to think from both perspectives and adapt her approach throughout her journey into more technical roles across differing technologies, systems and business processes. 

Michelle is championing the future of testing by working with teams to trade manual testing for automated alternatives. As an emerging leader in this area, Michelle is passionate about building a career which guides clients to automate their manual processes, so businesses can focus on creating meaningful value through the work that matters.

In true DX spirit, Michelle takes ownership of her projects and goes above and beyond to deliver. She doesn’t give up when things get difficult and ensures that her work is done at the highest quality and by the given deadline. She is responsible, self-managed, and delivers consistently with minimal supervision which makes her a project-delivering superstar that excels in prioritisation and stakeholder engagement. 

Above and beyond, Michelle finds opportunities to help out her peers by learning new systems to gain the knowledge to better support her team. In ‘project world’, there is always a deadline that the team needs to meet. Here, Michelle can be counted on to drive initiatives and find ways to help and add value.

By consistently doing her best at everything she does and working hard to deliver at the highest level of quality, Michelle is earning the trust and respect of stakeholders, clients and peers alike.

Adding to her achievements, Michelle has recently been selected as Young Professional of the Year (Female) Finalist for the ACS Digital Disruptor Award. The winner will be announced 4 December 2019 in Melbourne.

Syed is an effective IT Consultant, an enthusiastic software programmer and people person eager to learn more and develop as an individual.

He has attained a Bachelor of Information Technology, Software Technology from Macquarie University.

Syed is an excellent communicator who takes value from what others have to say. He takes great importance learning more in different fields of study and from scholars, to open and broaden his perspective.

Syed pictures himself evolving as a leader. He has learned the different ways of leading people and one important factor he understands is to, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Syed holds great importance to those therefore, who are in need and devotes himself to treating everyone equally.

From his experience with many different types of teams in his previous roles and university projects, Syed understands the importance of stepping up so others can do the same. 

In relation to the evolution of the industry sector, he believes that technology has become a tool for one’s everyday task where, “Technology has made it easier for many to achieve tasks that took many hours to achieve.” A great example of such technology would be Robotic Process Automation (RPA), “That has allowed people to do tasks that used to take many hours, would just take minutes now to achieve.” 

In his opinion, he believes we are achieving great peaks with technology. He considers technology has improved the way we understand the business world today and has brought many individuals closer by improving communication between individuals who may either be in the same building or different parts of the world. “Technology has allowed organisations to grow rapidly with the growth of the tools used to provide convenience for workers and provides them with the tools to learn more, making them experts in such fields.” Syed believes technology would just keep growing and provides greater tools for individuals or organisations to use. 

DX has provided Syed with the flexibility of learning more and improving his skillsets. It has allowed him to work with different cliental that has benefited him greatly in terms of experience and understanding the importance of working in a team with different expertise. Since working for DX, he has understood how he can use his skills effectively in the workplace and has allowed him to understand the importance of communication. 

He loves the environment provided by DX and its support for the graduate program. It has provided him with the opportunity to work with important clients, having them place their trust in him. It has also shown him the importance of what is required when working in an organisation. The journey Syed has had so far with DX has been tremendous and he is very grateful for all the support he has received from his peers and colleagues.

As DX Academy Ambassadors, Michelle and Syed will actively develop and deliver mentorship, wellness and enrichment opportunities for graduates. They will be responsible for bringing graduates together across multiple programs, enhance learning and add to the overall graduate experience.

Michelle and Syed are dedicated graduates themselves with a passion for the program, supporting peers and introducing measures to enhance graduate life at DX. They will also assist the facilitation of greater community connections across the graduate space.

“Michelle and Syed are excellent appointments as DX Academy Ambassadors. They will be amazing and I look forward to working with them in their new junior leadership role,” said Managing Director Jason Peters.