Optus LTE & Voice Over Wifi Testing

Case Study


LTE & Voice Over Wifi Testing


Optus were concerned about the quality of the new Voice over WIFI environment following a series of optimisations and an assessment of competitive services.


DX Solutions provided a QA team fifteen strong to attack the problems within an aggressive three-month window. The DX team worked across multiple states, closely engaging with multiple business areas and stakeholders including Core, IT systems, Channel, Experience, Wholesale and Innovation. The approach involved the following:

Three month test cycle averaging 2000 test cases per month

Testing of multiple end-user devices including Android and iOS hardware vendors across multiple iterations​

Testing performed across multiple sites, states, modems, access technologies and competitor networks​

Speed test data – Ping, download and upload speeds​

End user KPIs – call setup time, call quality and messaging delivery times​

Range of call scenarios – Interstate, PSTN, international, emergency, 13xx, handover to and from 4G, SMS and MMS, supplementary service change​

HP QC system used for test management and visibility


DX Solutions successfully identified problem hotspots, engineered optimisations to core IMS and IP network, and resolved all defects across the full end-to-end environment.