Noggin IT Incident Management Tool

Case Study

Noggin IT

Incident Management Tool Configuration


Noggin have an excellent incident management tool which is sold to customers via the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. A customer with complex requirements was having difficulty configuring the tool to integrate with their business processes.

Noggin’s product could handle the complex requirements but the customer didn’t possess the skills necessary to build their workflows in time for go-live.


DX Solutions have a team of analysts dedicated to understanding customer needs and with the skills to quickly configure and customise Noggin’s incident management software. A business and configuration analyst was deployed for a short contract to configure and implement the new system into the customer’s workflows.


Each workflow was reviewed, configured and tested. Noggin’s customer was satisfied. Not only were their processes enhanced along the way, the team was able to identify and raise bugs and improvements for Noggin’s product, which has proved to be a valuable contribution towards the evolution of the tool.