DX Solutions’ Leadership ‘Dream Team’ Announced

Meet the leaders driving DX’s laser-focused 2020 strategy

February 13, 2020

DX Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of a specially selected ‘dream team’ to lead DX in delivering all facets of the company’s laser-focused strategy for 2020.

As covered in CRN on February 17, this leadership team announcement represents a series of strategic hires and promotions, following a tightening of their service offering to deliver even greater technical strength across four key pillars. The new DX Mission statement provides clear direction on how the company is to operate – to transform business through people, process and intelligent automation.

Building on its background in software test automation, DX has consolidated its offering around four practice areas – Quality Engineering & Assurance, DevOps, Networks and Robotic Process Automation.

“We’ve listened to our customers and what our clients want from us, and we’ve focussed on consolidating and deepening our skillset” said DX General Manager Mark Fontela, whose leadership focus will be to drive continuous improvement across operational functions of the company.

Joining the leadership team in the capacity of Director, Business Operations is Bart Thomas, who has been instrumental in restructuring DX’s service delivery around the four pillars:

“To help our customers adapt to the new fast-paced, digital-first economy, DX have built on our telco network engineering and software testing experience and have developed new capabilities in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and DevOps” said Bart. “Personally, I’m convinced that RPA represents the next leap in competitive advantage. It’s ability to reduce costs, eliminate repetitive, error-prone processes and deliver improved customer experiences is incredible. I wouldn’t be surprised if it proves even more transformational than cloud computing.”

Core to DX’s delivery strategy has been the appointment of Patrick Tsang as Chief Technology Officer to further bolster DX’s technical depth particularly in the emerging fields of Robotic Process Automation and Quality Engineering (QE). QE is a relatively new discipline, practiced by leading Australian companies such as the Commonwealth Bank, Qantas and Atlassian.

“Helping our customers with DevOps and Quality Engineering initiatives has been a large focus and will continue to be for years to come. Unfortunately, many organisations see Quality Engineering as a rebranding exercise for Quality Assurance, but the two are very different in terms of skill sets and responsibilities.” said Patrick. “I’m also excited for Robotics Process Automation (RPA). RPA has been proving to be an effective cost reduction initiative but is still not well understood. Ideally, we’d love to show anyone who is keen to listen, how any company can automate better.”

And while technical delivery and execution remain at the company’s core, DX recognise that effective digital transformation requires the very best people to succeed. And so comes the appointment of Head of Talent Jacinth Vu to the DX leadership team, with a client-centric focus to human resource management that leverages her multinational change management experience.

“Transformation within organisations is about taking people on a journey. As emerging technologies evolve we’re starting to see a lot more focus on artificial intelligence and data science as denoting examples, making it more critical than ever for humans to keep up. We require rapid focus to enhance and evolve human resource strategies within organisations and importantly, identify the right people. For an initiative to operationally succeed we need to bring everyone that’s part of that transformation on board with the transformation strategic roadmap that carefully aligns people, process, technology and operations.” said Jacinth Vu, Head of Talent.

“The DX management team’s focus on depth of talent and execution around core technical pillars and service delivery is already delivering transformative results for our clients by enabling businesses to deliver quality at speed; the holy grail efficiency practices,” said Managing Director Jason Peters. “We look forward to our transformative ‘vision’ continuing to take shape.”


DX Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company providing businesses with strategic solutions to optimise, transform and progress their operations. With around 200 employees we are proud to partner with software, project and network engineering teams to deliver quality assurance, test automation, CI/CD, agile project management, business process analysis and automation (RPA), network engineering and cloud infrastructure services for Australia’s major digital transformations.