DX Solutions & GitLab Partnership

DX Solutions & GitLab Partnership

Aug 14, 2020

What happens when Australia’s leading DevOps minds, partner with the world’s leading DevOps platform?


Revolutionising Your DevOps Platform

DX is excited to announce a major partnership with GitLab, offering our clients the speed and simplicity of a single application for your entire DevOps Platform, combined with the added value of DX’s DevOps expertise.


Why is a DevOps platform important?

When creating a DevOps strategy, organisations underestimate the complexity and number of different systems and processes to take into account. This diagram illustrates the areas that need to be taken into consideration:

DX Solutions DevOps

It is important to consider the following:

– Manage: How to gain visibility and insights into how teams are performing?
– Plan: How work is identified, tracked and delegated?
– Create: How teams collaborate and manage their work?
– Verify: How are quality standards ensured and enforced?
– Package: How to create a consistent supply of reliable software?
– Release: How applications are deployed with minimal to zero downtime?
– Configure: How is configuration propagated to environments?
– Monitor: How to identify and measure the state of all systems?
– Secure: How are security vulnerabilities prevented from being released?
– Defend: How are environments and applications protected from external attacks?

Look at the areas holistically as a platform where everyone in the organisation contributes and shares assets. Responsibility is shared across everyone who participates in the platform.


What is GitLab?

GitLab is emerging as arguably one of the world’s leading DevOps Platforms offering the full spectrum of enterprise-standard, end-to-end DevOps features, out of the box. GitLab removes the complexity of having to manage, integrate and establish several different tools with an industry-standard platform consolidating an extensive list of in-built features including:

– Security
– Monitoring
– Code quality
– Continuous integration
– Continuous deployment
– Testing


Our Strategic Approach

DX’s Continuous Delivery (CD) platform is a DevOps platform that is built upon DevOps principles and best practice. Our platform utilises open-sourced tooling while providing the flexibility for customers to select preferred tooling.

DevOps strategies centre around the platform as it creates a standardised approach for delivery. While DX’s CD Platform allows for flexibility, there are external tools that DX prefers for the following reasons:

– How easy is the tool to adopt?
– How easy is the tool integrated?
– Is the tool platform agnostic (cloud and on-premise)?
– Is the tool implemented well?
– Is the tool supported well?

As a platform, GitLab meets the criteria. DX selected GitLab as a preferred partner due to the platform’s extensibility and flexibility, which aligns with principles that DX’s platform offering is built upon.


How to get started

A common mistake organisations make is to attempt to “boil the entire ocean” with an enterprise DevOps initiative. The best approach is to start small and iteratively improve. Our DevOps offering now leverages GitLab at its core to enable customers at many different stages of their DevOps journeys.

DX’s CD Platform with GitLab enables this iterative approach by creating the foundations of a robust DevOps strategy that will enable our customers to deliver the most possible value to their organisation, and leverage DX’s expertise every step of the way.

If you’re keen to get started, DX can provide strategic advice, set-up, training and ongoing support, not to mention our exclusive Gitlab discounts!

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