DX launches ‘Work From Home Support Service’ to help businesses of any size and sector.

It is fair to say that the past fortnight has seen a rapid forced transition to working from home. And while many businesses have gleefully adopted new working practices and platforms, others have been left flailing in the dark, putting them at risk of falling even further behind in an already treacherous economy.

To answer the call of businesses of any size and sector needing a little guidance to wade through the do’s, don’ts and best practice processes of remote working, DX Solutions are deploying their squad of experienced transition case managers to work one-on-one with businesses, understand their teams and delivery models and get them up and running with the right platforms, practices and processes to not only survive this challenging time, but to thrive.


“We know SME’s in Australia are doing it tough right now, so we’re committed to doing what we can to make our enterprise-level expertise accessible to businesses of any size, shape or form. Businesses need to adapt fast, and we see it as our duty to make sure nobody is left behind.” Said Managing Director Jason Peters.

DX Solutions’ long history of successfully running remote workforces, having had its own teams deployed to clients’ premises for the greater part of twenty years, combined with DX’s people-focussed digital change management approach, and various ‘as-a-service’ packages made DX Solutions uniquely positioned to quickly deploy this new service stream to businesses who need it.

Remote working success is not just about downloading the right platforms and expecting your workforce to magically adjust overnight.

“It’s one thing to have all the right tools in front of you. Using them to their maximum advantage is quite another.” Said Bart Thomas, Business Operations Director. “We believe with the right coaching and ongoing support we can help any team successfully communicate and collaborate from home. In fact the teams we are working with right now are reporting that they’re communicating and functioning better than ever!”

And big business isn’t exempt from the challenges either.

“Transitioning a team of 1,000 to 10,000 to remote working conditions overnight is no simple feat” said Chief Technology Officer Patrick Tsang. “We’re expecting to see a sudden spike in network traffic that will buckle company’s networks under the weight of this overnight transition, with functionality, security and reliability becoming issues in historically stable systems. If corporate Australia isn’t examining the capacity of their networks right now, they should be.”

If your team needs help transitioning to working from home effectively, get in touch without delay.



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