Vodafone Hutchison Core Network Evolution (4G)

Case Study

Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Core Network Evolution (4G)


Vodafone aimed to launch the fastest 4G (LTE) network in Australia across all major cities. In order to claim the fastest speeds and deliver on the promise of availability and reliability, Vodafone had to ensure a smooth launch and evidence to support their claims.


DX were engaged to provide end-to-end program delivery including test management, network engineering and integration and BSS integration through to billing, user acceptance and business readiness testing, customer experience and user-friendliness trials.


The Vodafone Australia 4G launch was judged the best Vodafone 4G delivery globally, and rated as one of the fastest 4G networks in the world according to global benchmarking (using the 20Mhz Continuous 1800Mhz Spectrum). Delivery entailed construction of over 1000 sites with network build in record time, and over 1M subscribers using the network in less than 6 months. Vodafone secured significant market share back from rivals Optus and Telstra on the back of the LTE launch.