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Case Study


Business Portal


The Optus Business Portal project was struggling to identify and document requirements for an up coming RFQ. The project was behind schedule and at risk of missing the deadline. DX Solutions were approached to manage, accelerate and deliver the requirements-scoping effort.


DX Solutions took a process driven approach that started with the creation of a detailed visual representation of the desired Future Mode of Operation (FMO). This business friendly baseline was then used to identify functional requirements, that were subsequently fleshed out and prepared for the RFQ.


DX Solutions ‘business friendly’ approach to requirements, allowed Optus business stakeholders to own the elicitation process and to fully understand, develop and sign off a complex FMO incorporating a comprehensive process architecture, over 70 L4/ BPMN process models and 300 requirements in just 12 weeks. As a result, Optus were able to successfully meet their deadline and execute a successful RFQ.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was impressed with the way DX elicited requirements through a visual target that all stakeholders could understand. The clear traceability gave us confidence in our requirements and the quality of work was high”


Anthony McCallum, Director, Pre-Sales and Transformation

Connected Core, Optus