Optus Billing Comparative Testing

Case Study


Billing Comparative Testing


The scale and complexity of performing detailed usage to usage, bill to bill, GL to GL and paper to paper comparisons for a system of over 4M mobile customers made it crucial that the planning, management and cooperation between teams was efficient and effective at all times. To further complicate the delivery of the project, comparative testing had commenced prior to many of the system integration testing (SIT) and migration issues being resolved.


DX provided key consultants to support the Bill to Bill (B2B) comparative testing, which was responsible for guaranteeing a high level of accuracy and billing integrity of the new BCC billing system. Our senior DX consultants worked closely with the business teams and Amdocs to define the overall strategy for Comparative Testing, including the test approach, identification of known differences and the selection of customers required to ensure test coverage. DX provided root cause analysis for hundreds of unexpected results across more than 10 rounds of testing.


B2B testing was completed with an accuracy exceeding the KPI of 99%, leading the way in identifying and resolving many functional defects for the program. The successful outcome of the B2B testing was a critical success factor of Project Spring, and ensured there would be minimal impact arising from billing issues, customer experience, front line agents and financial integrity. The B2B project was also recognised by being nominated for an Optus ‘Beyond Yes Award’.